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Re: Year 2000 & Debian

Andy Dougherty wrote:
> Groff-1.10 had a couple of problems in some of the macro packages.
> [...]
> (This may all be corrected in 1.3.1 -- I don't have access to a
> 1.3.1 system now to check.  I know it's been reported to the groff
> maintainer, but I haven't checked whether the groff-1.11 fixes the
> problem or not.)

groff-1.11a is a "orphaned" release with only a new documentation manual
for pic. The author removed his name from some files and stated it as
orphaned (on 11 August 1997).

If you have any fix for those oddities, please put them in a bug report
and send it to submit@bugs.debian.org .

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