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Re: Toshiba laptop --- resume mode

Bruce Perens writes:

> First, let me assure you that you can get it to work. It works great on
> my Toshiba 440CDT.

Also on my 430CDS.

> Do not install the "apmd" package. "apmd" is not reacting fast
> enough and it breaks resume on my system. The system resumes fine
> without it.

I must admit that I've never had this problem myself.  (And I think
your problem is that apmd reacts too fast, and shuts the system down
while it is in the middle of a sync.)  In any case, it is easy to
patch ampd.

> Boot with the setup disk that came with the system, and set the APM
> parameters like screen blank time, etc.

For the terminal screen, you can set these parameters with `setterm'
(-powersave and -blank options).  For X, you may want to include
`Option "power_saver"' in the XF86Config file, and then specify the
BlankTime, StandbyTime, SuspendTime, and Offtime parameters.  When
power_saver is enables, you can `xset -dpms ...' to fine-tune these.

For hard-disks, you set the spindown by using hdparm as well.
However, if you use hdparm then that setting won't be retained over a
resume.  (I patched apmd to call the requisite script after every
resume, that way I get a spindown in any of the power modes.)

Note that in order to actually get a spindown, you'll have to increase
the time interval of `update' to something like half an hour (in
/etc/init.d/boot).  Moreover, you may want to edit /etc/syslog.conf to
discard most of the output from various daemons.

> I am able to change the screen brightness with the function key with
> the water-faucet icon on it. Push "Fn" and that key. I think this is
> changing between the three APM options you see in the set-up disk,
> but I'm not sure.

Yes.  Two of these are fixed, the third you can configure to your own
liking.  For that option, I picked low brightness (the greatest
powersaver AFAICT) with fast CPU but the "silent" cooling method.
This gets me responsiveness with a reasonable battery life for my

Olaf Weber

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