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Re: XFree86 setup!!!

> > Ok... I changed the server to XF_VGA16 and then I noticed that startx itself was
> > pointing to xinitrc and xserverrc in /usr/X11/ - shouldn't it be reading it from
> > /etc/X11? I have a feeling that the setup program won't work here because I screwed
> > something up and will have to do it all by hand (not so bad). Thanks! -sp
> I've attached the "startx" script from my system.  It goes in
> "/usr/X11R6/bin".  A few notes:
> 1) /usr/X11R6/bin/X should be a symlink (made via ln -s) to the server you
> want to use -- in this case XF86_VGA16.

With 1.3, isn't /usr/X11/bin/X a setuid wrapper that reads the server to
load from the plaintext file /etc/X11/Xserver? [or something similar. The
name eludes me at the moment. Xconfig? perhaps.. I dunno, it's late]

I guess this was done for security reasons? Anyone know?

I don't imagine anything would break if you symlinked X to your XF86server
but you'd bypass /etc/X11/X<whatever>, defeating whatever purpose it had.


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