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Re: new debian user questions

At 04:37 PM 10/19/1997 -0700, George Bonser wrote:
>>There was an effort to outline a configuration (administration) tool on
>>debian-admintool, but the discussion was very hot and then cooled down to
>>However, the goal was much higher than expanding the install menu.
>Still, it would be nice to run the installation menu from hard disk to do
>things as change mount points for partitions, changing network stuff
>IP address, netmask, whatever.)

Exactly. Lisa also lets you load kernel modules and configure hardware as

For example, I can get a new Caldera install up and on the net within
minutes. Debian was not so accommodating. No modem. No modemtool app. No
LISA. Ok, MAKEDEV cua1. Dial... connected... ping junior.apk.net   ---
network unreachable

Now I have to figure out why it doesn't work and that's not my idea of fun.
:-) I suppose I should really learn more about the system, but I'd rather
not have to dive in right away. 

So now I guess we're at the point of arguing about making things easy for
the user versus the user learning how to use the system. 

Should there be "debian for dummies?" 


Stuart Krivis     stuart@krivis.com
[Team OS/2]

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