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I can lock up machine. Why?


I've been doing lots of programming lately and have noticed (how could I
not) that I am reliably able to cause my machine to lockup.

I'm running 1.3.1, and have reinstalled from CD twice, once going so far
as to wipe the entire boot partition first.

This is how I do it:

open a document in xfte that is several pages long.
Quickly scroll through it using the page up and page down keys.
In as little time as a minute I'm able to lock the machine solid --
no disk access, nothing.  

Note that I told the Xserver to disable XAA acceleration and am now stable
but slow.

I'm running a Cyrix P120+, Tyan Titan III, and Trident 9680 PCI with
2 Megs of RAM on the card, 24 in the machine.

Also note that this machine has been perfectly stable for well over a year,
since Debian 1.2, in fact.

Jon Nelson
U of MN Housing and Res. Life Computing Supervisor

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