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[OFF-TOPIC] rescue floppy error, hardware problem?

This is only marginally connected to Debian, but since the Debian rescue
gave me a certain error I'm hoping someone can offer some insight.

I am trying to upgrade my motherboard from a 468sx-25 to a 486DX-2-66 CPU.
The motherboard supports it (according to the manual) and the CPU is
straight Intel. The problem...

I set all the jumpers correctly for CPU type, speed, bus speed (I have an
VLBus board set at 33MHz). I get everything all set and start the machine
and it does the system test, the Bios seems to find everything right, then
it goes to start the OS.

I normally boot to MS-DOS and from a config.sys menu choose windows or dos
or linux via loadlin. If I just let it run, booting from the hard drive
it just stops (warm-boot works so the system doesn't fully hang up). If I 
boot from a floppy it will display Loading MS-DOS and then either stop or
say "Divide Overflow". 

If I boot from the Debian Rescue floppy, I get all the wonderful help
screens with no problem and if I hit enter for the default boot it will
load root.bin and then start loading the kernel. Then the system will halt
with this message... 

invalid compressed format (err=2)

Do I have a buggy CPU (bought it cheap and used) or is there some
motherboard or BIOS setting I am completely missing. Or is there anything
else? When I put my old CPU in everything works with no problem.

As I said, off-topic, but the Debian error message might be more helpful
in figuring out what is the problem.
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