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Re: How to use the Compose key?

Ana Silva <ags@monte.uevora.pt> writes:

> 	Sorry if my question is too sily but what is a compose Key?
> 	Is it for acentuation ?

Yes, in most cases.

You can compose a character using other characters with the compose
key.  For example, you can get ö (the german umlaut o just in case you
have problems displaying this character) by using Compose " o, or æ
(the ae ligature) by typing Compose a e.

> 	The reason i'm asking this is because I thought it was to
> acentuate words and when i tryed to make the .inputrc file it didn't work

I have the following flags in my inputrc set:

        set meta-flag on
        set output-meta on
        set convert-meta off

See the readline(3) manpage for more information about the meaning of
the flags.


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