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Re: Cyrix kernel patch

Paul Miller wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Oct 1997, Shaleh wrote:
> > I have never had an ounce of problem with my chip.  I have a 150+ that
> > behaves well.  The problem I have seen is that everyone uses the wrong
> > clock setup.  My 150+ is actually a 120Mhz.  The other problem I have
> > seen is that not everyone makes motherboards that behave well with
> > cyrix/IBM chips.  We use several cyrix/IBM's here at work and have sold
> > many IBM 200+'s to customers.  No problems.  I just want my boot to say
> > CyrixInstead 6x86 instead of unknown 486.  set6x86 has solved my heat
> > concerns in my rather unventilated case.
My chip is clocked at 120 ( I am leary of overclocking).  set6x86
enables the cpu halt command, which lowers power usage on the cpu to 10%
when the cpu is idle (most are idle about 70-90% of the time ).  I can
touch both my motherboard sink and cpu heatsink.  Very noticeable
difference.  I tried to add the cyrix patch but it did not agree with my
kernel.  I am running 2.0.29.  I do not know enough kernel internals to
add a patch by hand.

> Do you clock your chip at 120 or 150 then?  Mine is a 166+ (133) clocked
> at 166MHz and it works perfectly.  In Linux, I have the Cryix patches
> compiled, but only for the reconition.  I ran into trouble when I tried
> some of the options.. perhaps because I have a IBM 6x86 instead of Cryix.
> Also, I've never used the set6x86 program.  What does it do?  I've never
> had heat problems with my high powered 12V jet fan.
> -Paul

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