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Re: How to use the Compose key?

"Marcelo E. Magallon" wrote:

> You don't have to configure rxvt, bash's the one. You need:
> set meta-flag on
> set convert-meta off
> set output-meta on
> in the .inputrc, or set INPUTRC=/etc/inputrc on /etc/profile, and write
> the above lines to /etc/inputrc.

It works in bash!   Thanks!

I usually use tcsh so I'll need the equivalent features for it, but this
is a nice work-around for me.  The tcsh man page says

       Unknown characters (i.e. those that are neither  printable
       nor  control  characters)  are printed in the format \nnn.
       If the tty is not in 8 bit mode, other  8  bit  characters
       are printed by converting them to ASCII and using standout
       mode. The shell never changes the 7/8 bit mode of the  tty
       and  tracks  user-initiated  changes  of 7/8 bit mode. NLS
       users (or, for that matter, those who want to use  a  meta
       key)  may  need  to  explicitly  set the tty in 8 bit mode
       through the appropriate  stty(1)  command  in,  e.g.,  the
       ~/.login file.

So I tried:

$ stty -parenb -istrip cs8
$ stty pass8

and it still beeps at me.

At least now I know it should work, because it works in bash!  Thanks!

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