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Re: What is the "compose" key?

Johann Spies <jhspies@alpha.futurenet.co.za> writes:

> I could not find any documentation on this except the compose key
> combinations as output of dumpkeys.
> To be concrete: Which key or combination of keys do I have to press to
> be able to compose something like ê or á? (I did this with emacs in
> the iso-accents-mode).  Is it the same for the console and in X?

The compose key is something specific to X.  You cannot use it in the
Console (Please correct me if I'm wrong).

My Compose key is the Menukey on the Natural Keyboard (between the
right windows and control key).  For the above character I can use the
following keystrokes at least in GNU Emacs and xterm (press and
release every key by it own, don't hold compose while pressing the
other ones):

ê = Compose ^ e
á = Compose ' a

Other accents are " (ä), ` (à), and ~ (ã), you can also use "Compose a
e" to get this ligature: æ.  "Compose s s" yields the german sz: ß.

> Where can I read on how to define the compose key?

man xmodmap, man xkeycaps

I use the following line in my .Xmodmap file to define the compose

        keycode 0x75 = Multi_key

With xkeycaps you can right-click the key, select edit keysyms, the
Character Set is keyboard and the KeySym is Multi_key.


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