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Re: remove menubar from netscape 4.03

Paul wrote:
> hi everybody, I am trying to setup up an account where all they are
> allowed to do is go to a page through netscape.  I got rid of all the
> other ways they can get out. ie toolbar and all other bars except the menu
> bar.  I don't want them to have access to file edit etc.  can someone help
> me thanks.

One way I've heard to do this is start up netscape with a geometry that puts
the menubar off the top of the screen. Set up the window manager so windows
cannot be moved (or run w/o a window manager). If they can't click on it,
they can't use it. :-)

There a nice article on the topic of setting up a linux web koisk on last
month's Linux Journal, btw.

see shy jo

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