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Problems with Speak-Freely under Debian Linux

	Hello all !
Maybe the problem I'm writing about is not Debian-specific, in this case
please forgive me. :-(
Last time I have installed Speak-Freely package on my Debian Linux box.
However, when I tried to run it, I have met some problems.
I ran sfspeaker:
$ sfspeaker &
Then I ran sfmike, trying to connect to one of the echo servers
$ sfmike echo.fourmilab.ch
I was able to send voice, but when it returned to me, sfspeaker started to
write error messages:
opening output audio device: Device or resource busy

I have full-duplex MAD16 based sound card (however the same problem
occured with Aztech's WaveRider Pro configured as SoundBlaster Pro 3.1).
I'm using standard OSSLite drivers included in kernel 2.0.30 distribution.

Does anybody could explain to me what's wrong?
Probably two programs (sfmike & sfspeaker) can not access /dev/audio
simultaneously. How to cure it?

			Thanks in advance 
			Wojtek Zabolotny

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