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PS/2 IntelliMouse && X 3.3-3 problems...


When I first got my M$ IntelliMouse, I set it up with the serial adapter
on COM1.  Now that I have a USR PalmPilot, I need that COM port so that
I can HotSync under Lose95.  I realized that my MB had a PS2 mouse
connector on it, so I uncovered the hole on the back of my case and
hooked up the mouse to it.  Lose95 finds the mouse just fine and dandy.

However, Linux is another matter altogether.  I'm running kernel 2.0.30,
customized to suit my hardware (yes, I used kernel-package), including the
PS2 mouse support.  I altered my XF86Config file so that I now have:

Section "Pointer"
    Protocol "IntelliMouse"
    Device "/dev/psaux"

[ Other commented stuff ]


I'm running xdm, and when it starts up, I *do* get the "X" mouse cursor in
the middle of the screen, but when I move the mouse, it immediately jumps
to the upper left corner, never to return from there..  Anyone seen this
and overcome it before?  BTW, the X server is XF86_SVGA, running with a
Matrox Millennium.

During bootup, I see:

PS/2 auxiliary pointing device detected -- driver installed.

Which leads me to believe that the kernel sees the mouse.

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