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Re: irc.debian.org (was Re: Problems w/menu files...)

Yo, man thanx alot. Hey, cool, I am assuming that you are in NL? Holland.
Suave.  Hey, have you ever checked Replay's homepage?

Any way, were you being sarcastic in that email dude?  I wasn't complaining.  Plus, I didn't run away, I went for a ride on my bike.  BTW I am constanting hanging out on #debian irc.linpeople.org.  I have been running Debian since July and before that Redhat for about a year.  I am not a scientist, programmer, or hacker, whatever, by any means, I got into this totally DIY, because of the philosophy behind it, and Fuck microsoft.

BTW, it worked, I don't know why the hell I didn't remember that before.
I guess most of the packages are the same name as the executables contained in them and I just assumed.
But, I must have known this before because like I said I had those two apps running before as menu files.

Anyway Thank you very much for you help, much respect, and props to you my friend.

What do you do for fun and work in Holland?

Do you like bicycles, vegatarian food, or Punk Rock 

I live in Italy

Peace Ciao Ciao

Thank you

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