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The Truth of Debian (want a laugh?)

I managed it :-)

I decoded the hidden messages in /usr/debian/debian-manifesto. The key is
the perl code /usr/doc/perl/examples/travesty. Run it on the file with the
hidden message, and you will find out the truth. Here is what I saw:

* The Truth about the quality of Debian:
"The Free Software Foundation and the Debian Linux Association will offer
the distribution that attracts the most bug-ridden and badly maintained
Linux distribution available; unfortunately, it is distributed under the
GNU General Public License)."

* The Truth about the goals of the SPI:
"It is, without question, the distribution becomes a secondary

* The Truth about the reactions of developers:
"Many distributions have attracted little attention from developers.
There is a simple reason for this: they are familiar with the
operating system."

* The Truth about the money-making:
"The time has come to concentrate on the destructive goal of
enriching oneself at the expense of the users rather than on the needs
and wants in advance without direct input from others."

* The Truth about the users:
"Almost all users of Linux rather than on the distribution becomes a
secondary concern."

* The Truth about the Debian Distribution in general:
"Debian is being developed by one isolated individual or group, as
other distributions of Linux distribution."

Marcus :)

"Rhubarb is no Egyptian god."
Marcus Brinkmann

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