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Re: thread support?

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, Chris R. Martin wrote:

 : I have heard a lot of confusing things about thread support lately. I am
 : writing a program which will eventually have seperate threads and if anyone
 : could clear some things up for me, I would really appreciate it!
 : Does a "stock" Debian 1.3.1 install support threads? If not, what packages
 : or libraries do I need to obtain?
It doesn't.

You need the pthreads package, which *is* available in 1.3.1-stable, but not
selected by default.

Another option is using libc-6, which is likely to support threads

 : Are there seperate considerations for X ? I read somthing that was talking
 : about thread support under X, but I couldn't figure out how it related to
 : non-X thread support. Does Debian's Xlib or some other package support
 : threads?
I haven't found a thread-safe Xlib package yet in the Debian distribution. I
have RPM and TGZ Xlib-3.{2,3} available on ftp
(ftp://oloon.student.utwente.nl/pub/Mnemonic/X11/) if you need them.

By the way: I didn't overwrite my (Debian) Xlib with those in the archive.
I'm using LD_LIBRARY_PATH when executing Mnemonic Browser (which needs
thread-safe libraries).



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