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Re: Problem installing Debian 1.3.1 on Thinkpad 760ED

On Fri, 3 Oct 1997, Hans M. Pedersen wrote:

> Hello !  
> I have been trying for about two days to install Debian 1.3.1 on a
> Thinkpad 
> 760ED with XGA graphics - but without any luck :-( >
> When I boot from the rescue disk (yes - I have used the floppy=thinkpad
> option), the root.bin and linux are loaded - and nothing more. After the
> newline in 'Loading linux..............' the machine simply stops and 
> are 
> completely non-responsive.

Try the Tecra Base Floppy Set which should be available on every debian
mirror. The standard set contains a bzImage which Thinkpads cannot handle
for some unknown reason. So you have to boot a zImage-Kernel. I heard the
tecra set had a zImage kernel for such compatibility reasons. If that's
not true (you can find out with a 'file *' on the bootdisk) you need to
build one. 

Probably you'll have to copy the pcmcia- and kernel-sources to your laptop
by hand afterwards to get pcmcia-support, maybe there is a pcmcia-support
binary around for the targa kernel. Otherwise, look into the old messages
here (old i.e. last week), there was a discussion about installing
pcmcia-support on a 5-floppy-disk-base-installation.

Lukas Eppler (godot)

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