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Re: postgresql for debian

On Fri, 3 Oct 1997, Hamish Moffatt wrote:

> Is there a postgresql package for debian?
> There is only postgres95 as far as I can find.
> I want to start developing a web database app and don't want
> to work with an old version. Nor do I particularly
> want to compile the source nor install the RPM.

AFAIK there's only a postgres95-1.09 package, which is *really* out of
date. Postgresql 6.2 was just released yesterday and is sooo much better
(stability, performance, functionality) Actually I think that building a
package isn't that difficult. There should probably be some discussion as
to where all the files should go, or somebody could take a look at msql
where they put it in our distribution. 

The main problem with a postgresql package (IMHO) is that many times when 
an upgrade becomes available, also a dump/restore of all databases is 
needed, because some system-tables have changed. That's why I never 
started building a package (that, and the fact that I have no idea 
anymore what it takes to build one, last package I build was over a year 
ago, and so much has changed since then :)


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