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Re: Can't mount root device

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, Russ Cook wrote:

> Hello!  I have recently gotten a base system installed (Debian 1.3.1 from
> 2-cd set).  I am now trying to compile a custom kernel to get sound support
> and IP Masquerading.  The kernel package I'm trying to compile is 2.0.30. 
> I run Dos and OS/2 on machine as well, and I use the OS/2 boot manager. 
> Linux and OS/2 are on my SECOND scsi drive, and I have followed the How-To
> to allow the OS/2 boot manager to invoke LILO, which then loads my Linux
> kernel.  All works fine with my base installation.
> My problem is with the custom kernel.  I use make config, make dep, make
> clean, then I compile, then I use make lilo_install (or something like
> that, I'm not at my home machine right now).
> When I try to reboot, I get a kernel panic, with a message that VFS can't
> mount the boot device 8:16.  When make lilo-install completes, I get a
> message about the boot device being 8:22.  I can't provide more detail (or
> accuracy), as I'm at work and the machine in question is at home.  Any
> constructive comments/suggestions are most welcome.  I will try to get more
> detail from the machine tonight and repost, if necessary.

Well this may be completely off the wall, but there's been a discussion 
here concerning the fact that /dev/sda16 and /dev/sdb both have the same 
major and minor numbers. They were having problems with the sixteenth 
partition (!) on scsi disk one. Perhaps your problem is related? Get rid 
of /dev/sda16 perhaps?
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