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losing track


I run debian 1.3/kernel 2.0.30 and have PCMCIA card 3C562D/563D.
I am trying to access the network.

I began installing pcmcia-cs 2.9.5-3 together with pcmcia-modules 
2.9.5-3. So I had to upgrade to kernel 2.0.30, which I did.
This still gave problems when starting PCMCIA (it finds the adapter, 
but says 'loading failed, the module symbols from linux-2.0.30 don't 
match your linux-2.0.30')

So I got the kernel-source to recompile pcmcia. I needed dpkg-dev to 
use dpkg-source to extract the kernel-sources (dpkg-source -x) But this 
required unstable versions of it, which needed again other unstable

So, every (unstable) package I try to install complains about 
dependencies, e.g.

dpkg-dev --> dpkg -->  binutils --> gcc --> cpp --> ncurses, and so on.

Is this the normal way to do this ?


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