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Re: Loading multiple GNU/Linux machines

> I am looking for methods to efficiently load many (up to
> 200) Debian GNU/Linux machines.  The machines are to
> be configured identically.  TCP/IP connectivity is available.
> Any help will be appreciated.
> Tnx,
> Nick Gilliam
> Lockheed Martin

For the IP configuration BOOTP is very useful for this kind of thing.
You have a server machine which knows which IP address to hand out to
any particular ethernet address, and when your clients boot they pick up
their IP address, and other IP related information, such as the nameservers
to use etc.

We use it to allow us to distribute a single, identical system to several
machines. The distribution we use is not Debian based at present, but I looking
at migrating to Debian.

Looking through the packages I see one called nfsroot, which looks as if it
may be ideal for what you want - I have not tried it yet, but I certainly will
when I get the chance.

	John Lines

p.s. Bootp is well integrated with the PCMCIA support for laptops with ethernet
cards. I take my laptop from one site to another, or to my home ethernet,
and just plug it in and boot, and it picks up the appropriate IP configuration
whereever it happens to be.

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