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Re: X And Video

On Thu, 25 Sep 1997, Syd Alsobrook wrote:

> I am having an interesting problem now. I finally got my new machine 
> to boot up and I reset my X configuration for my new video card. X 
> works great but when I exit back to a stand tty the video is trashed 
> (misc. characters, garbage, and general bad mood) reset does not work 
> and all virtual tty are trashed. The video board is a STB Systems w/ 
> an advanced logic chipset alg2301 1024 ram. STB's website was rather 
> useless mostly windows crap the only thing I saw that might be of 
> interest was the need to have a memory exclusion, but I don't know 
> how to do that under linux. 

I have a 486 with an Avance card that uses this chip, and it had the same 
problem. The garbage that you see is actually a translation, something 
like abcdefgh -> bcdefg0h, so you can actually "read" it. The workaround 
I used was to leave at least one VC logged in and type "setfont default8x16" 
whenever I needed a VC, and the same when quitting X.

I never found any documentation for memory exclusion, but perhaps it's in 
the X sources. I now use the machine as a laboratory winlose playground.
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