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Re: Printer-setup

I am presently using a2ps and gs-alladin to format text files into
postscript and then
print them using gs.  If I create a script containing the gs command, this
could be
my print filter in the printcap file (don't remember if it's "if" or "of").

My problem is that whenever I issue the gs command to print something
by a2ps, the output always includes one extra blank page and the last
printed page
(before the blank one) always looks like the last line of print has been
cut off by 
about a fraction of a millimeter.

My theory is that the papersize used by either program is incompatible. I
believe gs
is using what it calls "letter" defined as 8.5x11 and a2ps is using
something with some
code which I can't remember but which looks like an ISO standard ... or

Maybe instead of getting the binaries I should compile the source in order
to be able
to configure defaults that will be compatible between the two
programs.....if that is in fact
the problem.

Reminder: I am using a HPLaserJet 5L

Lucas Liacopoulos                "some assembly required" ... NOT!!
Concordia U.V.
Montreal Canada

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