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Re: Diald problem

Michael Legart wrote:
> Hi!
> I have some problems with diald:
> Sep 28 11:19:37 badpixel diald[674]: Running connect (pid = 681).
> Sep 28 11:19:37 badpixel connect: Initializing Modem
> Sep 28 11:19:37 badpixel connect: Dialing system
> Sep 28 11:19:57 badpixel connect: Connected
> Sep 28 11:19:57 badpixel connect: Loggin in
> Sep 28 11:19:57 badpixel diald[674]: Connect script failed.
> Sep 28 11:19:58 badpixel diald[674]: Delaying 30 seconds before clear to dial.
> I can't seem to figure out what's wrong... could someone send me a example
> of the connect file? Or ideas about what else could me wrong. Thanks!

Looks like your "Connect script failed."  :-)

If you're using "chat" as your connect script, when you execute diald
from the command line, add the -v command line parameter to the chat
portion of your command line.  For example,

         connect "chat -v -f login.script"

where the rest of the command line has been omitted.  Then go look in
/var/log/messages to see exactly what is causing your connect script
to fail.  "man chat" for exactly what "-v" or "-V" will do for you. 
Oh yeah, your password will more than likely show up in your logs. 
You'll want to delete all those occurrences.

Paul Serice

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