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Re: NFS expert, please diagnose this

Thanks for the response, I've been feeling abandoned lately!

According to joost witteveen:
> > Appearently, stat-ing a file in a directory that is only readable for
> > root from a program that is setuid root, that is on a nfs mounted
> > partition fails.
> Does adding a no_root_squash (like below) change anything?
> /directory   host(no_root_squash)

It's already there:

Line from exports at descartes:
/var/clients/kant       kant.dcd.se(rw,no_root_squash)

Line from output of mount on kant:
descartes.dcd.se:/var/clients/kant/var on /var type nfs (rw,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,addr=

> Old versions of nfsd used to have "no_root_squash" by default, but
> more recent ones don't (that's a lot more secure). When root_squash
> is in effect, any request from uid=0 will be mapped to uid=nobody,
> and thus root isn't allowed to access the directory.
> > Here are some version that might be relevant (please ask if you need
> > another package's version number):
> > 
> > base,	1.1.0-14
> > libc5,	5.4.33-3
> While you are at it, why not tell the version of nfsd (netstd)?

Oops, I thought I did with base, now I see I missread it. Here's netstd:
netstd, 	2.13-1

Does my test program work for you?



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