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Re: Which news reader to use?

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Richard Heestand wrote:

> I have installed nn and receive my news via NNTP.  However, it takes about 5 
> minutes to get my first page of news (slower than ms windows trumpet by 
> about 4 minutes!).  Is this a function of nn.  Should I be using another 
> newsreader?

What kind of network connection do you have?  PPP/modem through an ISP?
How many groups do you subscribe too?  Your newsreader must check each
newsgroup for new messages, etc. so subscribing to a lot of groups will
slow it down considerably.  

I have been using 'slrn' for some time now and really like it.  It has a
few settings that increase its performance over slower links, though I
haven't used nn in a very long time so I can't judge if this is
significant or not. I probably subscribe to 20 - 25 newsgroups and I 
think slrn takes a little less than a minute to load and become functional 
over a 28.8 kb/s link.  I used to subscribe to a large number of groups 
(between 100 - 200) and the startup time of slrn was pretty slow.

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