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dvips and dvilj: missing fonts

Thank you for the reaction on my request for help on using Greek and
Hebrew in Latex.  I have so far succeeded in creating a .dvi-file using
babel's Greek-definition.

I have installed Greek fonts from the file greek_fonts.zip using the
"fontimport" utility.  After that I ran texhash.

However, when I want to print the dvi-file, both dvips and dvilj reports
that they cannot find the font:


MakeTeXPK kdgr10 657 600 magstep\(0.5\) ljfive
MakeTeXPK kdgr10 1244 600 magstep\(4.0\) ljfive
MakeTeXPK kdgr10 657 600 magstep\(0.5\) ljfive

I also cannot find mfput.log.  Where should I look for it.  Even with
"find / iname mfput.log" I could not find it although dvips reported
writing a file with that name.

What did I do wrong?

Second question:  What should I do about the following error message:

dvips: Checksum mismatch in font


Johann Spies

Windsorlaan 19
Suid Afrika (South Africa)
Tel/Faks Nr. +27 331-46-1310

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