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Re: SOCKS proxy with win95 clients

Bujtar Janos wrote:
> Hello !
>   DOes anyone use SOCKS 4.2beta with w95 clients????
>   How can I set up Netscape or M$ explorer to work with SOCKS proxy??
>   THNX!

I believe M$ IE has socks support. Look at the network preferences
for proxy settings. Netscape definitely has SOCKS4 support if you 
look under Options..., Network Preferences..., Proxies, Manual.

What, nobody in the SOCKS list would answer? BTW this is a question
that shouldn't have to be asked. Looking for all of three seconds at
the settings for M$ IE would have netted you the answer. Asking for
help is not bad. Asking for help without first trying is liable to 
tick people off. 8(

Jens B. Jorgensen

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