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Re: Debian and win95

On Sat, 13 Sep 1997 Peter.Yarych.yarych@usa.net wrote:

> Hello
> Sorry for the waste of BW... but I need some advice.
> I "need" to install winblows95 (cringe) again..
> I would like to install it on my second HD... hdc1
> While keeping Debian on my main HD...hda2 swap is hda1
> and to use lilo to switch between the two... with Debian being the main OS 
> I thought I was finished with 95, but my wife needs to use win95...
> The question when I get around to installing win95... what will happen to the
> mbr on the hda
> should I disconnect the drive and then install win95 ?
> I guess the question is how do I go about this process without trashing Debian
> which is my "main" OS..
> Any and All Help is very Welcome!!

You could install lilo in the boot sector of hda2 instead of the mbr.
Then, if Win95 puts its own mbr on the HD, all you need to do is change
the active partition back to hda2. You can do this with Win95's fdisk.

I doubt, however, that Win95 will let itself be installed on a second hard
drive. You can try it, but I think it needs at least some of the boot
files to be on a FAT partition on the first hard drive.


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