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Re: libtermcap

On Sep 12, Peter Weiss wrote
>On Debian there is no libtermcap.so, on Redhat-4.2 there is one. As far
>as I remember libtermcap is obsolete and should be replaced by
>Am I wrong?


>Has any body more Information?


>The problem occurred when installing some foreign binaries build on a
>Redhat based system.

Install the "termcap-compat" package to run them.

Description: Compatibility package for termcap-based programs.
 The termcap-compat package provides the libtermcap.so.2 and /etc/termcap
 files which are required to run non-Debian, binary-only termcap-based
 You do not need to install this package to run Debian-packaged programs
 since Debian GNU/Linux uses terminfo and not termcap. You need this package
 if a program fails to run with the following error message "...: can't load
 library 'libtermcap.so.2'" or complains about a missing /etc/termcap file.
 The termcap-compat package isn't meant to be used to compile programs
 therefore it doesn't provide all the necesary files for compilation. If you
 want to compile a program that claims to need termcap, why not try ncurses's
 termcap emulation instead? It's as simple as linking with ncurses instead of
 libtermcap (i.e. replace the '-ltermcap' with '-lncurses' in the makefile).
 Ncurses' termcap emulation routines translate terminfo entries to termcap
 entries on the fly, so you don't even need an /etc/termcap file.
 This package provides:
  libtermcap.so shared library, version 2.0.8
  termcap database, version 9.13.15

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