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Re: XFree86 and Threads...

On Sep  9, 1997, at 11:30, Rob Browning wrote:
 > Dale Martin <dmartin@ececs.uc.edu> writes:
 > > I was just curious - since libc6 is thread safe, and GUIs seem to be
 > > something that can be "naturally" multithreaded, is XFree86
 > > multithreaded under Linux? (or any other system, for that matter?)
 > Now that xlib6g and xlib6g-dev have been released (thanks Mark), the
 > answer should be yes, but I haven't tried it yet.  Note that you need
 > to be running unstable, and you have to complile all your code with
 > -D_REENTRANT.  There's information about X and threads in the book
 > "Programmers Supplement for Release 6", another one of those "X"
 > books.

>From what I understand, just recompiling X won't give you
anything. You would have to rewrite parts of it (probably very big
chunks...) to be able to actually run the server in multiple threads.

 > Rob

Gonzalo A. Diethelm G.

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