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Re: fetchmail and smail

>> On Sep  7, 1997, at 12:23, Jaakko Niemi wrote:
>>  >  With fetchmail the mail goes to /var/spool/mail/*username*, unless
>>  >  you have specified otherwise in .fetchmailrc. Also check that your
>>  >  settings for procmail are OK, if you are using it. 
>> Just to clarify: by default, fetchmail will try to deliver mail via
>> SMTP to port 25 on the machine where it is running. This is usually
>> the port where your MTA (sendmail, smail, etc.) is listening. This
>> way, incoming mail fetched with sendmail can be treated just like
>> local mail sent by somebody with a local account on your
>> machine/ethernet.
>> It is the MTA that puts that incoming mail in the spool directory
>> (usually /var/spool/mail/$USER.).

 Yes, that is correct. I've been using --mda option for so long , that I 
 have forgotten all about that and just been using Exim or Smail for outgoing

 Sorry about misinformation and thanks for the correction.  

>> -- 
>> Gonzalo A. Diethelm G.
>> gonzo@ing.puc.cl


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