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Re: fetchmail and smail

On Sep  7, 1997, at 12:23, Jaakko Niemi wrote:
 >  With fetchmail the mail goes to /var/spool/mail/*username*, unless
 >  you have specified otherwise in .fetchmailrc. Also check that your
 >  settings for procmail are OK, if you are using it. 

Just to clarify: by default, fetchmail will try to deliver mail via
SMTP to port 25 on the machine where it is running. This is usually
the port where your MTA (sendmail, smail, etc.) is listening. This
way, incoming mail fetched with sendmail can be treated just like
local mail sent by somebody with a local account on your

It is the MTA that puts that incoming mail in the spool directory
(usually /var/spool/mail/$USER.).

Gonzalo A. Diethelm G.

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