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Re: afterstep icons

>>>>> On Sun, 7 Sep 1997 17:00:40 -0600 (MDT), lc29b50 <Lei.Chen@m.cc.utah.edu> said:

Lei> On Sun, 7 Sep 1997, David wrote:
>> i all.
>> I've just installed debian 1.3.1 on 2 seperate machines. On both machine
>> the icon on the top of the warf bar (afterstep and X windows) is missing.
>> The AFstep.xpm file exists and is viewable using xv, but it won't appear.
>> Also, xload won't run because it claims to ne libproc.?.11 and I have ?.12
>> installed.

    Install procps_1.12.2_i386.deb from the bo-updates directory. That fixed
    the claims about the libs. Xload works since than on my machine.

    Hth -- Peter

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