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MH problems with .maildelivery

hi.  here's a qustion for all you mh users out there.

i am having trouble getting my .maildelivery to work right.  (it is
listed at the bottom for reference.  i am using sendmail, have a
.forward file with the appropriate information in it, and a
.maildelivery with several lines.  i got the first parts to work,
where i had mail from a couple mailing lists i belong to stored in an
mh mailbox. the problem i am having, however, is with the last line
which tells slocal to store all remaninding mail ing my system mailbox
(/var/spool/mail/thomppj).  here are the lines from a sample slocal
debug file i have been keeping.

---start debug file error excerp---
vec[4]: "/var/spool/mail/thomppj"
        delivering to file "/var/spool/mail/thomppj" (uucp style), unable to open:
Error 0
---end debug file error excerp---

theres more in the debug file but that is all the error part.  and
another piece of information that i think might be relevant the status
of my mail spool, /var/spool/mail/thomppj:

-- start "ls -l /var/spool/mail/" ---
total 183
-rw-rw----   1 paul     mail       186251 Sep  6 13:23 paul
-rw-r--r--   1 thomppj  thomppj         0 Sep  6 13:07 thomppj
--- end "ls -l /var/spool/mail/" ---

i looked at this and thought it a little funny that the permissions
and user.goup own settings of my mail spool are different then those
of another spool in that directory, that of "paul" (another user i
created on my system to forward all mail to until i get .maildelivery
working properly.  i believe that slocal is changing the permission
and user.group own settings my spool because i tried chaging the stuff
back with "chmod 660 thomppj" and "chgrp mail thomppj".  that fixed
the settings but they were screwed up again as soon as slocal tried to
process another message to my mailspool.

please help!

paul j. thompson

--- start. maildelivery ---
# File debian-user mail to +lists/debuser:
source  debian-user     |       A       "/usr/lib/mh/rcvstore +lists/debuser"
# File linux-admin mail to +lists/linadm:
source  linux-admin     |       A       "/usr/lib/mh/rcvstore +lists/linadm"
# File linux-config mail to +lists/lincfg:
source  linux-config    |       A       "/usr/lib/mh/rcvstore +lists/lincfg"
# File linux-kernel mail to +lists/linadm:
source  linux-kernel    |       A       "/usr/lib/mh/rcvstore +lists/linker"
# Drop the rest into my maildrop:
default -               >       ?       /var/spool/mail/thomppj
--- end .maildelivery ---

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