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Re: read-only root and usr partitions

On Sat, 6 Sep 1997, Paul J. Thompson wrote:

> i know of only one file specifically that is written to on those two
> partitions: /etc/mtab.  is this the only one?  if not, what are the
> others?  if so, where is the proper place to repartition it so i can
> mount root and usr read-only?

I'm going through the process of configuring tripwire on one of my
systems and am exploring this issue as well.  I have a stripped
down system so there may be more files that are mutable.  Here's what
I've found so far:

  /etc/amandates     From amanda which is a backup system
  /etc/adjtime       From clock
  /etc/dumpdates     From dump
  /etc/ioctl.save    From init
  /etc/mtab          From mount
  /etc/wtmplock      From login

  /dev/log           Created by sysklogd but can configure to another
  /dev/tty[0-9]  Changes ownership
  /dev/ttyS[0-9] Changes ownership 
                 Other terminal devices

I sure there are more files modified in the /dev directory.

I find it unfortunate that /etc cannot be mount read-only.  Will the
FHS address this problem?

Jean Pierre

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