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Re: Prompt in Bash

"Gonzalo A. Diethelm" <gonzo@ing.puc.cl> writes:

> Rob, thanks a lot for your script. I think there is a small glitch,
> though:

Not surprised :>

>  >     export PS1='\n\!\$ '
>  >     export PROMPT_COMMAND='eval set_titlebar `whoami`@`hostname`:`my_dirname`'
> When I did this, the title bar showed the full path, without replacing
> $HOME with a '~' character. I got rid of the "eval", and things were
> fine.

Hmm.  I have no idea now why that eval's there.  I must have thought I
needed it at some point (or I copied a pasted something I shouldn't
have), but things seem to work fine without it.

The eval might also explain why others were getting the "command not
found errors", but if so, I don't understand why I wasn't getting them
here too.

Thanks for pointing that out.

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