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Re: Prompt in Bash

A while ago, somebody in this forum posted how to make the current
working directory appear on the title bar in an xterm. I lost that
article somehow; could the author repost it? Thanks in advance...

On Aug 22, 1997, at 22:44, Dave Cinege wrote:
 > On Fri, 22 Aug 1997 12:32:35 -0300 (EST), Daniel Doro Ferrante wrote:
 > >	Does anybody know how do I change colors in a bash prompt. I can
 > >do it in tcsh, but no succes with bash... (even after reading the man).
 > #b/w prompt
 > #PS1="\\h\\$ \\u [\\w] "
 > #Pretty color prompt. Comment it out if your terminal doesn't support ANSI co
 > #We must encase the ANSI codes in \[ and \] or else bash will have line lengt
 > #problems. \e is a pretty form of the raw escape sequence
 > PS1="\\[\\e[1;31m\\]\\h\\[\\e[0m\\]\\$ \\u [\\[\\e[1;34m\\]\\w\\[\\e[0m\\]] "

Gonzalo A. Diethelm G.

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