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Re: Date in mail headers

On 05-Sep-97 Buddha Buck wrote:
> [snip]
>Not really.  The current -standard- for email transmission is RFC821 
>(also about 15 years old), and that explicitly states that SMTP is 
>7-bits only.  ESTMP, MIME, and other standards-track protocols are 
>designed to try to work around that problem, but not all sites use 
>ESTMP yet, etc.

  Sure... but that ain't the point.

  The date and time descriptions are quite acceptable as they are defined
in the standards, to a point.  But it should also be noted, that these are
system dates.  What I put as a content in my e-mail message, is not
subject to any standard... and the 'Date' field, is like the 'Subject' field,
a user supplied field.  No, "sensible" mail agent parses it...

  But, even that is really besides the point... it is of no issue to co-operate
with people, that have a problem with their mail agents, and civily ask
for co-operation.  Under those conditions, it is just civility to comply.  I
wasn't asked to be civil... just kicked out of the mailing list, if that is the
way you people co-operate.  You should prepare yourself for a shock,
because I am not "the" only person in the World, who doesn't have much
sympathy or patience with people who definately fill the category of "geek".

...just me.

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