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Re: MPEG doesn't work from any gr browser; Netscape probs.

On Thu, 4 Sep 1997, James D. Freels wrote:

> On the recommendation of a colleague, I fixed the netscape-plugin 
> problem by directly editing the netscape executable using emacs [just
> search for the error message].  This eliminates the need to use bash
> 2.01 which I could not install consistently (did fix the plugin
> problem but created new problems).

While emacs can be used to repair executables, I fail to see how this
aproach would fix anything here. Maybe I am missing what you are doing?
Unless you change the way netscape forms the commands, you have fixed

It really is not that hard to upgrade to bash 2.01 and libc6 ....
if you follow the exactly the directions that have been posted on this 
list several times.

I did it without those instructions, before many had tried that route.
Had a few anxious moments, because I got a few thing out of order. But
we made it, and all works well.

The libc6 issue is no big deal unless you need to do development with
both libs.

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