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problems after installing 32Mb/S3Virge


My computer:
-S3-Virge (3DVGA digimate)
-adaptec2940scsi (sda,sdb=harddisks)
-atapi cdrom
-kernel 2.0.30 (not all packages are upgraded to debian 1.3.1, i think
some are
still 1.2 or 1.3)        

after i upgraded from 16Mb ram to 32Mb ram and therefor also replaced my
diamond stealth (could only access 16Mb) with the S3-Virge, i encountered   
the following problems:

1) starting a dos box (dos or xdos):

unknown return value for vm86()=ff,255-ffffffff
error exit: (4,0x0004) in_sigsegv: 0 ignore_segv: 0
Not a good day to die!!!

2) when running X, it happens sometimes that the system hangs (black
or only some white points on the screen) when i (root or some other user) 
quit X and the X server restarts.

i didn't notice these 2 problems before the installation of the

Can somebody help ?


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