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Re: Printing Problems

>>Installed lpr and aspfilter ... but when I try to print I get this message:
>>'waiting for lp to become ready (offline ?)'
>>I have tried /dev/lp0 through 4 and it still says that the printer isn't
>>ready when it is.
>>Could it be because I am going from the printer port to the zip drive to
>>the printer?

Most likely yes...

If you didn't compile ppa and lp as modules when you compiled your kernel
it won't work. So, recompile kernel with ppa and lp as modules;
when you want to print do: 'rmmod ppa ; insmod lp' and when you want to 
access the ZIPdrive 'rmmod lp ; insmod ppa'
Kludgy, yes... there's a (experimental?) patch so that the printer and ZIP
may coexist without you having to do rmmod/insmod all the time:
I haven't tried this one myself...

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