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Re: WantWEB/Linux/IP Masquerading

>I've been told that by using the miracles of IP masquerading, I can do this
>by purchasing a single connection for the server, and letting the remainder 
>of the machines "leach" off it in some way. 

Yep this is very possible and not all that hard to do.  If you don't
already know about this sorta thing you will want to investigate
information on routing, linux masquerading and proxy/cache servers.

>Finally, one of the methods of connecting that looked interesting was
>called "WantWEB". The idea is that the downloads are VIA satellite, and very 
>fast, but uploads had to go through a normal phone line and were limited to
>the 56K modems. Has anyone tried using this on a Linux box? if so, how 
>successful were you? was the "cable-modem" device difficult to find drivers 

This has been done for a while by a company called DirecPC
(http://www.direcpc.com I think).  Remember though (just to be pedantic)
that in this case there would be zero point in buying a 56k modem since the
data transfer rates are asymetric.  In other words with a 56k modem you get
56k downloads (which you don't care about because you have satellite speed
:) but only 288/336 speeds to upload with.


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