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WantWEB/Linux/IP Masquerading

Howdy all!

Just wanted to get some information from those of you out there that might 
have some...

I recently purchased a house, and I would like to get some sort of internet
hookup that my friends and I could use. There are 5 computers, each either 
running Linux or Win95 all connected to a common "fileserver" (saves diskspace)

What I'd like to do is have the server on-line 24/7. Other machines would drop
off and on as they were being used. The other machines could be accessing WWW,
email/news (from server), playing internet games (like using battle.net), or
using a communications program like speakfreely. 

I've been told that by using the miracles of IP masquerading, I can do this
by purchasing a single connection for the server, and letting the remainder 
of the machines "leach" off it in some way. 

Finally, one of the methods of connecting that looked interesting was something
called "WantWEB". The idea is that the downloads are VIA satellite, and very 
fast, but uploads had to go through a normal phone line and were limited to
the 56K modems. Has anyone tried using this on a Linux box? if so, how 
successful were you? was the "cable-modem" device difficult to find drivers 


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