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MPEG doesn't work from any gr browser; Netscape probs.

I have installed both the ucbmpeg player and mtv player, and set up
netscape for each.  I have consistently not been able to view mpegs.
Each time an mpeg file comes over the line, this message is displayed
in a dialog box, from Netscape as well as from Mosaic:

   Using private color-map
   Bad MPEG? Giving up.
   Try mpeg_stat -verify to see if the stream is valid.

I cannot find a command "mpeg_stat".

I was able to run "mpeg_play" from an xterm on an FTPed test mpeg.

What is a "private color-map"?  

I have had other netscape proglems, such as the intermittent death by
"bus error" and a creeping and increasing slowness over hours of time,
in the responsiveness of only the netscape window to mouseclicks.  

A problem I had earlier has persisted, but is only an irritation:
often netscape won't boot up.  If I try again to start it from an
xterm, it might or might not boot on a second try.  In this case, a
message is recieved about a lock file, but that while netscape might
run, cache will not be able to be used, etc.  if the lock file isn't
removed.  Then if I just say, ok, netscape, once again, might not, or
might start.  

I tried 24bpp, 32bpp, 16bpp, with no difference.  (Did not affect the
mpeg player either).  

Sometimes I can get netscape to start with the -iconic switch.  It's
more or less random, as far as I can tell.  Sometimes it will start on
the third try.  

Once, amazingly, a netscape process was running, but wasn't showing
up, when I quit X.  For a split second the outline of the netscape
window appeared!  

Another thing: when I try to access a site with a live midi
background feed, netscape dies with the mysterious "bus error".  
I haven't been able to get my Yamaha Asound (OPL3-2A) sound card
configured yet for midi, but this happened before I installed a sound
card at all.

Sorry to ramble on so long.  I think these problems are related?  I
would appreciate any advice.  And I do appreciate the excellent advice
I have received many times over this mailing list.

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