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Re: can't locate module char-major-10

On Sep 4, Aria Prima Novianto wrote
> Every time I connect using pppd, I got this message in my console
> after get connected:
> pppd[257]: remote IP address
> modprobe: can't locate module char-major-10
> I can't find char-major-10 module in my kernel source. Is it safe to put
> 'alias char-major-10 off' in /etc/conf.modules?

On Sep 4, Luis Francisco Gonzalez answered
> char-major-10 is the mouse. If this appears right after the pppd is
> started, I would guess that you have somehow set the mouse to be connected
> to the serial port where in reality you have your modem. Check for links
> in /dev or the configuration of gpm or something similar.

char-major-10 is non-serial mice _and miscellaneous features_ (e.g. APM
BIOS and real time clock). 

I'd suggest 
	alias char-major-10-??? off
                            ^^^ minor device number.

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