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does anyone know what's happened to www.linuxhq.com?  up until a few weeks
ago it was THE web page to go to for everything you needed/wanted to know
about kernel patches.... 

...then it stopped being updated about 2 weeks ago, and now seems to have
vanished off the face of the earth (DNS actually, but that comes to the
same thing :-)

$ nslookup www.linuxhq.com
Server:  localhost

*** localhost can't find www.linuxhq.com: Non-existent host/domain
$ ns linuxhq.com
linuxhq.com             NS      mercury.ecsnet.com
linuxhq.com             NS      jupiter.ecsnet.com
$ host -l linuxhq.com
linuxhq.com AXFR record query refused by mercury.ecsnet.com
linuxhq.com AXFR record query refused by jupiter.ecsnet.com
No nameservers for linuxhq.com responded

anyone know what's going on?  is it coming back?


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