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Re: internetMCI PPP, large packages

On Sun, 31 Aug 1997, George Cyriac wrote:

>  Hi, I have an internetmci PPP account.  Unfortunately I don't think it is
> possible to start a dial up on my linux box because when you just dial up to
> the internetMCI # it gives me a weird prompt: (0121313249) and then asks me
> to type something, I tried everything PPP, username, yadda yadda, it says
> host not found.  It works with Win 95 dial up?  How DO I make this work?

If you are not using a special MCI dialer in Win95 then it is very easy.
The normal win95 dialer looks pretty plain, it's exact look depends on the
service pack level you have, so I'm not sure how I could suggest you find

What you do is simply use chat to dial the number, no more. Start ppp
immediately and configure it for PAP authentication, set your user name
and add an entry to the pap-secrets file. Alot of terminal servers give
login prompts but will accept a ppp initialization string to enter ppp
mode and use PAP for authentication.


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