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Re: Problem with ppp

On Tue, 2 Sep 1997, Paul Rightley wrote:

> Over the weekend I tried out a new external 33.6 modem (as an upgrade to my old
> 14.4 internal).  It didn't take me long, before I had it working with my Debian
> 1.3.1 box - thanks Debian.  The one major problem is that - when I down/up load
> relatively large things (like most web pages) - the modem eventually hangs (the
> RX light will no longer flicker) and when I 'poff' it will not even hang up the
> line (I have to turn the modem off and on again to get it to work further).  One
> thing that has changed is that my ISP has also taken this last weekend to move
> half of his subnet to another town.  This meant (according to him) that I needed
> to make my sub netmask instead of  I managed to
> get my netmask to be by using 'netmask' in the
> /etc/ppp.options_out file.  This did not solve my problem.  Does anyone out
> there have any idea what I need to do?  Could I have a flaky modem?  I have not
> worked with a 33.6 modem before - I still have the default speed set in
> /etc/ppp.options_out (38400) - does this need to change?
[It is an item in the Hungarian linux lists' FAQ, so please learn
Hungarian :)]
It seems that the problem is really with the IDE driver disabling interrupts
while handling the hard drive. You have two options:
hdparm -u 1 /dev/hd?
(substitue your device here)
or use irqtune, you will find a nice description of it at

GNU GPL: csak tiszta forrásból

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