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Re: ZIP drive

In article <Pine.LNX.3.96.970901175456.20647D>, you wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Sep 1997, Michael Harnois wrote:
> > Milos Prudek <prudek@sol.cz> writes:
> > > Could someone help me with the installation of parallel version of
> > > iomega ZIP under Debian Linux? I do not know where to start...

> All you have to do is to compile the module for it, and modprobe ppa when
> you want to use it. You will have /dev/sda to mount the disks from.

My suggestion is that you (as mentioned above) compile the ppa driver as
an module. As there probably will be some time between your access to
the zipdrive you would want the kerneld to load the module for you.
See /usr/src/linux/Documentation/modules.txt for more information about
compiling and using the kerneld.

Then you would like to add an entry in the /etc/fstab for your zipdrive.
Something like this is nice (if you always use vfat on your zip disks

/dev/sda4 /zipdrv vfat 
 noauto,rw,user,exec,dev,suid,async,gid=23,umask=002,quiet 0 0

Then any user could mount the disks, and the user mounting it and all
members of group 23 (in my case I call that group "fat") have unlimited 
read, write and execute access while other only get read and execute rights.

When you want to mount a zipdisk you simply do
mount /zipdrv

and when you don't need it anymore (want ot remove it from the drive) just
umount zipdrv

If you have got the kerneld to work it will load the ppa module when it's
needed and you dont have to do insmod/modprobe it the first time you need
it, and it won't take resources when you don't need it.


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